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'Ancient Wisdom in the Modern World'

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  • Level One

    The natural powers that govern the workings of this Universe we live in have been known for millennia, but seldom shared. In this course these will be explained to you with the aim of enhancing your life in a practical way

  • Level Two

    Following on from the previous course we will look deeply into the natural laws through which the universal powers operate to continually create the World around us and to show you how these can all be manipulated to assist you in building the life you desire.

  • Level Three

    After learning about the Universal and natural laws in the previous courses, level three will be about outcomes of the process described in a very practical and personal way to you and your life's journey.

Your Tutor

Neil McDonald

Hi, I’m Neil, I’ve been taking tour groups around the British and European ancient, mystical and historical sites for over twenty years, with special interest in megalithic sites, the Cathars and the Knights Templar. I have also spent a life time studying and practicing the Ancient, Mystery Wisdom Tradition and have a passion with this magnificent and rewarding way of life.