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Live Your Journey into Wisdom

Following on from the course, 'Walking Your Path of Wisdom', that introduced some fundamental principles of the Western Mystery Wisdom Tradition, this course introduces the important concept of life, or wisdom journeys in a practical way.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introducing Your Journey

    • Introducing Your Journey

  • 2

    Preparing for Your Journey

    • Your Goal

    • Consciousness Re-Cap

    • Visualizing Your Goal

  • 3


    • Detachement

    • Natures Feedback

    • Macro and Micro Testing

  • 4

    A Call to Action

    • Time For Action

    • Proceed With Caution

  • 5


    • Epilogue

Your Tutor

Neil McDonald

Hi, I’m Neil, I’ve been taking tour groups around the British and European ancient, mystical and historical sites for over twenty years, with special interest in megalithic sites, the Cathars and the Knights Templar. I have also spent a life time studying and practicing the Ancient, Mystery Wisdom Tradition and have a passion with this magnificent and rewarding way of life.