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Begin Your Journey into Wisdom

This course introduces you to some of the more fundamental principles of the Ancient, Mysteries Wisdom Tradition, a thorough and potentially life enhancing universal philosophy.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Knocking on the Door to Wisdom

    • Knocking on the Door to Wisdom

  • 2

    Discovering our Inner Self

    • A Quest for the Self

    • A Quantum Comparison

    • A Question of Consciousness

  • 3

    Walking through the Door to Wisdom

    • A World of Potential

    • Epliogue

Your Tutor

Neil McDonald

Hi, I’m Neil, I’ve been taking tour groups around the British and European ancient, mystical and historical sites for over twenty years, with special interest in megalithic sites, the Cathars and the Knights Templar. I have also spent a life time studying and practicing the Ancient, Mystery Wisdom Tradition and have a passion with this magnificent and rewarding way of life.