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'Ancient Wisdom in the Modern World'

Over 30 Video Lessons, Quizzes and Additional Materials

A Short Message from Neil

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Level Two

    • Introducing Universal Law

    • Introducing the Ancient Mystery Wisdom Tradition

  • 2

    Key 8. Strength

    • Introducing Strength

    • Symbolism of Stregnth

    • Strength in Action

    • The Strength Quiz

  • 3

    Key 9. The Hermit

    • Introducing the Hermit

    • Symbolism of the Hermit

    • The Hermit in Action

    • The Hermit's Quiz

  • 4

    Key 10. Wheel of Fortune

    • Introducing the Wheel of Fortune

    • Symbolism of the Wheel of Fortune

    • The Wheel of Fortune in Action

    • Wheel of Fortune Quiz

  • 5

    Key 11. Justice

    • Introducing Justice

    • Symbolism of Justice

    • Justice in Action

    • The Quiz of Justice.

  • 6

    Key 12. The Hanged Man

    • Introducing the Hanged Man

    • Symbolism of the Hanged Man

    • The Hanged Man in Action

    • The Hanged Man's Quiz

  • 7

    Key 13. Death

    • Introducing Death

    • The Symbolism of Death

    • Death in Action

    • The Quiz of Death

  • 8

    Key 14. Temperance

    • Introducing Temperance

    • Symbolism of Temperance

    • Temperance in Action

    • The Quiz of Temperance

  • 9


    • Epilogue

Your Tutor

Neil McDonald

Hi, I’m Neil, I’ve been taking tour groups around the British and European ancient, mystical and historical sites for over twenty years, with special interest in megalithic sites, the Cathars and the Knights Templar. I have also spent a life time studying and practicing the Ancient, Mystery Wisdom Tradition and have a passion with this magnificent and rewarding way of life.